Dental Headlight

Okay, dentists, let’s face it in this economy, every single dollar counts.  Whether you have a small practice or whether you are part of a multi-million dollar practice, we are all feeling the effects of this economy.   And more than ever, you want your patients to have the best care you can give them.  So […]

Surgical Headlight

When you are a plastic surgeon, details matter.  To you.  To your patients.  That’s why patients come to see you.  Because of the details.  They want to look their very best.  And you just can’t afford to miss any of those little details.  Theu BT-410 surgical headlight from Bistos America is the best of the […]

New Feature: Medical Headlamp

Bistos America is excited to introduce their latest new improvement to their already impressive BT-410 medical headlamp – a focusing feature!  The new top lamp will now focus on the task at hand, giving you even more control on your light.  It still pivots and still provides, cool white LED light right where you, it […]