Medical Headlamp – Afforability

Patients are your number one priority.  They are why you do what you do.  And if you are struggling with a medical headlamp that isn’t comfortable or that isn’t bright enough to get the job done, it is time to do something about it.  Bistos America has your solution.  And not just any solution.  An affordable solution.  The BT-410 starts at less than $200 for our basic unit.  And it is anything but basic!   The color temperature is 6,000 Kelvin and the illumination is 15,000 lx (at 25 cm working distance).  And let’s talk about weight.  That’s where we really talk about comfort.  The BT-410 medical headlamp from Bistos America is only 119 grams (that’s less than 5 ounces ) making it super light-weight so you can avoid neck and should strain.  Plus, our medical headlamp has not one, but two fit adjustments giving you the most comfortable fit of any medical headlamp available. It is equipped with a removable sweat band right where you need it most at the front of the head band that can be removed for easy cleaning – and who doesn’t like that? 

Okay, so the BT-410 is comfortable and affordable.  But, if you can’t see with it, it does not do you any good!  But wait, our medical headlamp isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd!  It has a pivoting LED allows you complete control, so you can adjust the light it to where you need to!   And the power switch is also conveniently located right up front near the LED so you won’t be fumbling around the back looking for it or searching for that battery pack.  Did we mention is it cordless?  No wires to hang up or tangle up and it runs for more than 4 hours on a single charge.  This easy to recharge battery can be recharged over 800 times.  And as with all of Bistos America products, it is FDA and CE approved, giving you further confidence that you are purchasing with a quality product you can trust. 

Call us today and see why the BT-410 Medical Headlamp from Bistos America is the best medical headlamp on the market today!

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