Fetal Monitor

Bistos Fetal Monitor


You want it all.  Quality.  Dependability.  AND affordability.  Thanks to Bistos America you can have it.  No more choosing this equipment over that equipment or even worse putting off purchasing new equipment, looking for used equipment, or even leasing.  The BT-350 from Bistos America is an affordable option that has all of the bells and whistles you’ve been looking for at a great price. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly sensitive 1 MHz probe
  • Simultaneous external twin FHR with dual pulsed Doppler
  • Ergonomic designed event marker
  • Outstanding 2 year warranty


And if you want some great specifications, check these out:  thermal printer; 7″ TFT Color LCD with 3 channel display; Doppler, information and alarm sound. Standard accessories include ultrasound Doppler probe; event marker jack; power adaptor and cord; probe belt; UC probe; two rolls of printer paper; one tube of ultrasound gel and complete operations manual. Available optional accessories include AST (Acoustic Stimulator); external battery and Bluetooth anterna. The BCM-330 PC Interface allows you to remotely control up to 8 monitors by a central PC; simultaneous Fetal heart sound Play and record; unlimited multi-language support; wire (RS-232C) and Wireless (Bluetooth) connection.The BT-350 Fetal Monitor, as with all of Bistos America products, is FDA and CE approved, giving you confidence that you are purchasing with a quality product you can trust.  Why are you waiting?  Give us a call today.  See why more and more doctors, clinics and hospitals are turning to Bistos America for all of their medical needs.

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