Dental Headlight

Okay, dentists, let’s face it in this economy, every single dollar counts.  Whether you have a small practice or whether you are part of a multi-million dollar practice, we are all feeling the effects of this economy.   And more than ever, you want your patients to have the best care you can give them.  So if your practice doesn’t have everyone using a dental headlight, what’s the hold up?  Price?  Quality? Bistos America has an affordable solution.  The BT-410 dental headlight. The color temperature is 6,000 Kelvin and the illumination is 15,000 lx.   But not that’s not all – weighing in at a mere 119 grams, the BT-410 dental headlight will help you avoid neck & should strain. Plus, our medical headlamp has 2 fit adjustments giving you a great fit. The new focusing feature lets you adjust the light to where you need it.  The power switch is conveniently located right up front and is it cordless!

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